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Shanxi Xinchengshun Chemical Co., Ltd. is a chemical products marketing company engages in the R & D and marketing of crystalline sodium sulfide and high purity anhydrous sodium sulfide (analytical pure).

At present, the company as a sodium sulfide further processing and production base with the annual output of crystalline sodium sulfide for 5000 tons, and high purity anhydrous sodium sulfide for 1000 tons, thus we can satisfy various requirements of the customers. At the same time, we can manufacture the products according to the requirements and index of the customers to satisfy the customers.

Complying with the principle of 'customers top and quality first', we strive to provide the customers with excellent services and high quality products. 'Technology first, quality base, customer top and integrity' is the business concept of the company. We always regard the needs of customers as guidance to struggle and innovate, we take the technology as core, and regard quality as life, we will provide the customers with the products with the highest cost performance.

The company is a professional chemical company engages in R & D, production and marketing and it possesses various production bases, the main products of the company including: Sodium sulfide containing low iron, crystalline sodium sulfide, anhydrous sodium sulfide, barium sulfate, sodium thiosulfate and other products, and the products are sold well in the whole China, and exported to Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and more than 20 countries and regions, we are highly trusted by the customer. On the basis of 'user top, customer first, integrity top, service first', and the management philosophy of 'technology is base, quality is life, innovation is source, talent is guarantee', we will be always your loyal friend and cooperative partner, we will provide your with rapid and high efficient services.