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Sodium sulfide crystal

Producer / Producer: Yuncheng
Content: 44 (%)
Implementation of quality standards: GB/T10500-2000
Crystal sodium sulfide Na2S.5H2O is the latest products of domestic R & D, widely used in industry, engineering plastics, pharmaceutical intermediates, chemical cleaning agents, the product quality is stable, low side ingredients, white, tasteless, in case of air is easy to decompose, engineering plastics, pharmaceutical intermediates and other industries material of choice.

Shanxi Xincheng Shun Chemical Co. Ltd., crystal sodium sulfide product technology:
1, the type of crystal of sodium sulfide (Na2S.5: integrant H2O).
2, appearance: white granular
3, uses: mainly used in engineering plastics, rubber, silicone, chemical cleaning agent, medicine, health food additives and other industries.
4, the crystal of sodium sulfide Shanxi Xincheng Chemical Co. Ltd. - Shun packing: 25KG plastic woven bag
5, product quality and technical indicators:

Product name
Sodium sulfide crystal
Test items
Sodium sulfide(Na2S)
Sodium sodium salt(Na2S2O3)
Sodium sulfite(Na2SO3)
Sodium carbonate(Na2CO3)
Water insoluble

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